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At Tchen and Associates we believe that your organization is our business. 

When you choose us to be your recruiters, we provide you with the highest quality of service and dedication to identify top candidates regardless of the requirements.  You will be pleased to know about our experience of the market and contacts built over the years.  Therefore we can provide you with excellent candidates within short period of time.


We follow a proving process that has produced incredible results. 


In a typical search process we follow these procedures:

Introductory Consultation

We fully immerse into your business and understand your culture and organization

Position Requirements

We develop an Action Plan with the client, and set mutually agreed-upon dates for accomplishing major steps in the search, including client contact frequency and initial candidate interviews

Identification of Prospective Candidates

The most critical stage of any search is identifying solid prospects.  Through our extensive range of contacts in the targeted industries, we identify possible candidates within a very short period of time.

Reference Checking

As early as possible in the search process, we conduct extensive confidential references on all candidates.  We contact people who are acquainted with the candidate to get in-depth comments on the candidate's management ability, technical competency, integrity and personal skills and characteristics that are relevant.

Client/Candidate Meetings

We then arrange a meeting between the client and the lead candidates, ensuring that the client is fully briefed about each candidate in advance of any meeting and that each candidate is fully aware of the demands of the position.

Candidate Evaluations

Immediately following the client interviews, we update the client and candidates on their respective reactions and expectations.  We help the client, where appropriate, to rate candidates against each element of the specification and to use these ratings to assist the client in forming his or her own conclusion.

Negotiation of Offer

Our knowledge and experience of the market is a great asset to the client in the sensitive negotiating phase leading to final acceptance of the offer.  As your recruiters, we would  have done our homework so when we reach this stage all parties know what is expected.

Placements and Follow- Follow up with Client and candidates within 90 days and after.


How to reach us:

If you need to contact us immediately, we can be reach Monday thru Friday 8:00AM to 5PM Central time.

Jon Tchen